International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

The EU and UNESCO claim the ISIC to be the only student ID card which is accepted worldwide. With the ISIC you will get many benefits for transportation, accommodation and activities in over 90 countries in the world. More than 102 travel organisations from more than 70 countries have joined together in the ISTC (International Travel Confederation) to make the ISIC work.

To get your ISIC, you need to bring your passport, your student ID, a photo and 15€.

The ISIC is available from:

Service Office at the University, Campus Metternich

Jutta Kurth
Office: Building MD of the Uni, Campus Metternich, Universitätsstr. 1, 56070 Koblenz, Room 112
Phone: +49 (0)261  287 11 18

Office hours: Mo 10:00 am–noon; We 10:00 am–noon; Th 1:00 pm–4:00 pm (during semesters); Th 1:00pm–2:30 pm (semester breaks)

Service Office at Hochschule Remagen (RheinAhrCampus)

Eike Pfennig
RheinAhrCampus, Südallee 2, Raum E 006, 53424 Remagen 
Phone: 02642  932 295

Office hours: by appointment only.

Service Office at Hochschule Koblenz  (RheinMoselCampus)

Angelina Höfer
Hochschule Koblenz 
Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1, 56075 Koblenz 
Office: Room AO42 
Phone: +49 (0)261  95 28 54 2  
Fax: +49 (0)261  95 28-54 8  

Office Hours: Mo 10:00 am–noon;  We 10:00 am–noon; Th 1:00 pm–4.00 pm (during semesters); Th 1:00 pm–2:30 pm (during semester breaks)