Requirements: University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Koblenz)

Who needs to have their credentials validated by uni-assist?

Persons who have not obtained their higher education entrance qualification in Germany or at a school with German examination rules must get their application reviewed by uni-assist.
Uni-assist checks if your application documents are complete and if your education certificates entitle you to admission into the course of study of your choice. You will have to pay a fee for this examination.

It is impossible to make a general decision for all countries because each carry different conditions.

Therefore, please search for detailed information and the required forms on the internet pages of uni-assist. uni-assist


Please, transfer your application fee to uni-assist the same day you submit your application. To find out the amount to pay, please see uni-assist.
There are different ways to pay your application fee. You can either pay via direct debit from a German bank account or pay with credit card. The form can be downloaded from the internet page of uni-assist.
You can also transfer the fee directly to uni-assist:
Account number: 999 14 88 322
Bank code: 100 200 00
Bank: Berliner Bank
International bank number (IBAN) DE59100200009991488322
In the field of the designated use, please enter: Your last name, given names, date of birth and home country.
Please note: uni-assist has to receive the full application fee. So you may also have to pay further remittance fees.

Exceptions from the procedure of uni-assist

Applicants who have a