In and around the university are many institutions that advise and support international students before they start and during their studies in Koblenz.

If you are interested in studying in Koblenz or are already planning to do so, then you should contact the International Office of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences or the University Welcome Center.

International students receive support in both organizational and administrative matters.

If you are looking for contact with other students, you can contact the AStA of the university. The AStA (General Students’ Committee) are student representatives and they organize many events such as the first-semester greetings, information events, seminars and parties.

Advice and support are also provided though the universities religious communities: Catholic University Community (KHG), Protestant Student Community (ESG), and the Islamic Students in Koblenz (ISK). The own religious affiliation is not decisive.

Under the name Counseling in Student Services, can students find support in crisis situations - in their studies, in their personal life or because of the cultural differences at the new place of study. The consulting team offers personal advice, anonymous online advice and seminars.

A good way to get in contact with other students is also through the international network AIESEC.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is available through the Studentenwerk’s service offices.