Living for Help - residential partnerships in Koblenz and surrounding areas

Commitment that pays off!

"Living for help" is the name of the new cooperation project offered from the Studierendenwerk and the University of Koblenz. Socially committed students can help support seniors in their everyday life and in return can get a room for which they pay at a reduced cost, or only the additional costs. As a rule of thumb, you will have to work one hour per square meter that you rent (one square meter - one hour a month). Many things are possible: go shopping, cleaning up the house, ironing, gardening, helping with technology, ... - just everything on which the two parties agree to on the contract. Nursing services are excluded.

Compared to fellow students who finance their flats with part-time jobs, this partnership offers you many benefits: you save time on work, you can be more flexible in planning your time and you have the opportunity to have an unusual roommate.

Would you like to get involved with other people and gain valuable, diverse experiences?

Are you in the mood for a slightly different flat?

Then apply!

Anne Dommershausen

Project coordination "Living for help"

Tel .: 0261 9528-981

Further information or an application form: