Foreigners’ Office

Registration at the Foreigners' Registration Office ("Ausländerbehörde" or "Ausländeramt"). If you are not citizen of an EU country, you must first go to the "Ausländeramt" in Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 1 in order to apply for a resident´s visa ("Aufenthaltserlaubnis") in rder to be allowed to study in Germany.

Please bring along the following documents:

  • proof of health insurance (either from a German insurance company or if you are insured in your home country you will need a German translation)
  • rental contract,
  • passport photograph,
  • proof of your student status (Studienbescheinigung),
  • valid passport,
  • proof of sufficient financial support,
  • fee (first granting 100–110 €, renewal 65–80 €).

At the foreigners' office you will receive a stamped registration form (Anmeldeformular), which you then need to bring along with you for registration at the Citizens Registration Office ("Bürgeramt").

How to get to the Ausländerbehörde for Koblenz (Foreigners' Registration Office)?

Take bus number 3 from the city (Stadtzentrum/Löhr-Center) in the direction of Güls. Get off at the bus stop Ludwig-Erhard-Straße and you will find the Ausländeramt around the corner to your right.

Stadtverwaltung Koblenz
Ordnungsamt / Ausländerbehörde
Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 2
56073 Koblenz
Fax: +49-(0)261 / 129 – 4620

Opening Hours

Mo, Tu, Th, Fr: 8am till noon
We: 8am–12:30pm and 1:30pm–4pm


The contact person depends on the first letter of your last name. One example: If a person is called Maria Pop then “P” is the first letter of her family name.

Letters A–D

phone: +49 (0)261-129-4623

Letters E–K

phone: +49 (0)261-129-4661/4663

Letters L–R

phone: +49 (0)261-129-4660

Letters S–Z

phone: +49 (0)261-129-4671