Kurzprofil der Universität Koblenz-Landau

Studying and research is done in both Koblenz and Landau, with a total of 8 faculties. Current research areas of the university focus on the areas of education, environment, computer science, humanities and social sciences. In addition to German-language BA and MA programs, the university also offers international English-language courses in the fields of environmental sciences, computer science, applied mathematics and materials science.

Two central profile areas of ​​the university are knowledge and technology transfer. In this sense, the university supports its students and graduates in grounding their own businesses, and generally promotes the exchange of cultures at the university.

The campus in Koblenz on the Mosel River is modern, manageable and allows students a good and fast orientation.

Students study in small groups that allow direct contact between students and teachers. The study is rounded off with an excellent student life.