In July 2003, representatives of the Academic Foreign Academic Organisations of both universities, of the ESG, the KHG and of the Studierendenwerk Koblenz met to discuss their knowledge of the situation of foreign students in Koblenz. The institutions mentioned have all been offering consulting and service to international students in different ways. All parties involved therefore agreed that it was necessary to synchronise with each other when it comes to planning activities for international students, so as to improve the services offered and to increase the efficiency of the studies.

In November 2003, Kosinus was founded as a consultation network. It consists of the institutions mentioned above as well as the AStAs of Hochschule and of the university.

KOSINUS aims at improving the conditions for international students in Koblenz. The context for this aim has been a historically high rate of dropouts among foreign students in the Republic of Germany. Today, KOSINUS plans and coordinates…

  • the regular and close cooperation of all parties involved and responsible for international studies in Koblenz
  • meetings of international students with different groups and people within and outside of the universities in Koblenz.
  • the maintenance of the web site
  • issue-specific events at the universities together with the RheinAhrCampus in Remagen and the campus in Höhr-Grenzhausen, the city of Koblenz and the Middle Rhine region.
  • the coordination of direct assistance of foreign students in need.