Registration Office

Registration at the Citizens Registration Office (Bürgeramt)

Compulsory registration (Meldepflicht): Every citizen living in Germany is required to officially register after moving to a new place of residence. It is compulsory to register with the city of Koblenz after having moved into your accommodation. In order to do so, you will need to pay a visit to the Bürgeramt. Please bring along:

  • valid passport
  • rental contract (Mietvertrag)

Registration is free of charge.

If you are from a country of the EU you only need to register at the Bürgeramt where you will be ask to show your passport.

Important: EU-Citizens also need to extend their stay at the Foreigners’ Office if they intend to stay longer than three months.

Bürgeramt Koblenz
Gymnasialstraße 4–8
56068 Koblenz

Closest bus stop: Zentralplatz/Schängelcenter

Ph: +49 (0)261/129-7000
Fax: +49 (0)261/129-7200

Opening Hours

Mon: 8am–6pm
Tue: 8am–2pm
Wed: 8am–6pm
Thu: 8am–7pm
Fri: 8am–2pm
1st Saturday of each month 10am–2pm