AStA Hochschule Koblenz

The AStA (Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss) is the executive institution from the student community. The tasks here are to look after the students’ interest. It is assigned, appointed and controlled by the student parliament (StuPa), which itself is elected once a year by the students. The AStA also works politically by dealing with politicians and professors in order to best represent the interests of the students. Additionally, the AStA organises events like the first semester’s welcoming, parties, information for first semester students, discussions and seminars. It also offers several services, e.g. cheap copying facilities, book binding and telephone cards. The AStA counsels and helps students who may be suffering financial hardship.

The AStA of the HS grants a credit up to 400€ to international students who are in need.

AStA HS Koblenz
Building H, Room U 18,
Konrad-Zuse-Str.1, 56075 Koblenz
Phone: +49 (0)261-9528 337